Animals United

Conference of the Animals is a computer-animated cartoon, which started off in German cinemas on October 7, 2010.

He is named after the animated film Animals United by Curt Linda from 1969, the second film, the content of The Conference of the Animals by Erich Kästner is based on the theories of the novel.


In the African savannah wonder the animals, because the water is not the same coming through the large ravine. The thirst for water is increasing, so that there is dispute after the last drop of water. To defend buffalo and rhino the last hole with water. Due to this fact, draw the lion Socrates and Billy go of the meerkats to make to the search for water. Here they meet the Gallic rooster Charles, who has waged a Tasmanian devil, a kangaroo, a polar bear and two Galapagos turtles to Africa, since they had to flee from their destroyed homes and hope for a new and better life in the Okavango Delta. But even here, people have slammed: The hotel owner Smith has made a huge dam building, which serves for the water supply of his hotel. But it is precisely at this hotel will be a conference for a better environment. The let the animals do not sit up and called itself a conference: the conference of the animals. They decide to take action against injustice and pull all towards the hotel. There they defeat the hunter Hunter, who repeated the animals tried to forcibly stop, terminate the environmental conference of the people and eventually join forces to bring the dam to collapse. Thus, the water flows back into the savannah.

After this success, drag the animals to New York where a climate conference convenes, and besiege the city.


Conference of the animals is the first European computer-animated movie in 3D. The film was produced between 22 November 2008 and 22 June 2010. The computer animation is from the Lower Saxon Studio Ambient Entertainment, which had already produced with Back to Gaya the first fully computer-animated German movie. In the German cinema, the film had over 1.5 million viewers. Across Europe, there were over 5 million visitors, including more than one million in France. Worldwide he reached a box office receipts of over $ 50 million.



The soundtrack was mainly produced by David Newman. However, it was announced the collaboration of Xavier Naidoo and Naturally 7, which together recorded the theme song wild with rage.


  • German Screenplay Award at the Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart 2009 for the scriptwriters of the film, Reinhard Klooss and Oliver Huzly
  • Bavarian Film Award 2010 in the category Children's Film
  • Nominated for the German Film Award in the category Children's Film