Ankara Central railway station

Anatolian Railway Haydarpaşa -Ankara


The Ankara (Ankara Garı ) station is a station of the Turkish State Railways (TCDD ) on Talatpasa Bulvarı in the capital Ankara.

The first station was opened here by the Anatolian Railway on 31 December 1892. The foundation stone for today's reception building in the Art Deco style was laid on March 4, 1935. The construction work was beginning in October 1937 ended, so the station on October 10, was inaugurated. The new building replaced a previous building built in 1892 and formed a strained under Mustafa Kemal Atatürk urban development measure. The construction of the architect Sekip Akalın was commissioned.

In the station complex is a railway museum, are in the shown in an open space steam locomotives. Receive the former buildings of the station master, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk temporarily served as the headquarters in the Turkish War of Independence and is also used in museums today. A saloon car of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is parked at platform 1. Further, the station houses an art gallery.

Since the Turkish rail transport compared to the remote bus and plane is quite small, does not depart from Ankara many trains. There are a few daily flights to Istanbul. During the day there are about six hours with a change in Eskişehir. At night there are two daily connections without change, which last 8.5 hours. Also Izmir Alsancak can be reached via Eskişehir.

Pictures of Ankara Central railway station