Annulus (mycology)

An annulus, partly depending on the severity of a sleeve ( hanging ), ring or ring zone (used in Lingen veil ) in Mycology is an annular structure on the stems of the fruit bodies of many Hutpilzarten. It arises (sometimes next to shreds on the hat brim ) from remaining on the stem remains of an inner shell ( velum partiale, part envelope ) from the young stage. The inner shell is attached to the stem and covered brim and so initially the spore-bearing structures ( for example, the slats). Later, she tears when Aufschirmen and releases the spore-bearing structures at the Hutunterseite free - and leaves the ring and possibly shreds on hat brim.

Hanging ( cuff)



Double Ring

Shod stick

A ring is used in its expression of a variety of possible forms of the fungal determination often as an important determining feature. It can be lost through weathering and careless harvesting and can determine errors are favored. It can operate as either continuous, ascending ( funnel-shaped ), protruding or ridged be pronounced (due to release of the lamellae ), partly double (with giant screen Lingen ) skin, hairy or stringy texture ( Cortina ) or consist only of veil remnants and dissolves at some species also slightly down or up ( ephemeral ring). In some species there is also a slimy ring but quickly dries.


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