Apache License

The Apache license is officially recognized by the Free Software Foundation Free Software license, the Apache Software Foundation, but no copyleft license.


The latest version 2.0 was released in January 2004. It was compared to the previous version 1.1 greatly expanded. Due to volume, not more of the entire text, but only a reference to the original license is included in the source code of the individual Apache projects. The Apache license is recognized by the Free Software Foundation as a free software license and is compatible with the GNU General Public License version 3, but not for version 2.


In principle, it includes:

  • One may use the software under this license free in any environment, modify and distribute.
  • If they are distributed must be clearly pointed out what software was used under the Apache license and that this comes from the licensor (name of copyright owner). A copy of the license must accompany the package.
  • Changes to the source code of the area under the Apache license software must not be sent back to the licensor.
  • Own software that uses is under Apache license software does not have to be under the Apache license.
  • The proprietary software may only be called Apache, if a written permission of the Apache Foundation exists.

Own work, based on a stagnant under the Apache License, original work, must:

  • Include a copy of the Apache License
  • Specify when modified files in a prominent place that they are modified
  • Retain all original copyright notices
  • If the original work contains a text file named " NOTICE", contain the copyright notices of the used files contained therein to the license more precisely prescribed manner.

GPL compatibility

The Apache Software Foundation and the Free Software Foundation ( FSF) confirm that the Apache License 2.0, a free software license is compatible with the version 3 of the GNU General Public License ( GPL).

The Free Software Foundation but considers all versions of the Apache License ( as of 2007) as incompatible with the previous GPL versions 1 and 2 There is compatibility between the Apache version 2 and GPL version 3 license in the form that Apache 2 licensed code may be used in a GPL version 3 code project, if one then makes the entire project under GPL version 3. This is possible according to the Apache Foundation, since the properties described in the Apache 2 license version of a subset of those described in the GPL version 3.

Important applications / works

Among the most important products that have been released under the Apache Software License, include:

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