Apache Software Foundation

The Apache Software Foundation [ əpætʃi sɒftweə ( ɹ ) faʊndeɪʃən ] (ASF ) is a volunteer organization working to promote the Apache software projects, which include, among other things, the Apache web server belongs. The ASF was created in June 1999 from the Apache Group and was incorporated in Delaware (USA).

The Apache Software Foundation is a distributed community of developers working on open source software projects. Characteristic of Apache projects is the Community and discussion joyful development process and the open and pragmatic Apache License, which may be used and adapted by external open source projects. Each project is led by an elected team of experts. This also participate actively in the development of the projects. The ASF is a meritocracy, whose membership is only active developers and contributors to the Apache projects is given.

The responsibilities of the ASF includes legal protection of all project members and protection of the mark "Apache". The logo of the Apache Software Foundation is the colorful spring, which also adorns most Apache projects. The name was chosen out of respect for the North American Indian tribe of the Apaches.

With the state of 23 March 2012, the ASF has 437 members, about 2944 registered committers and hundreds of other contributors. Current President Ross is Gardler.


Major sponsors are Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Hewlett -Packard, Facebook, AMD and IBM.

These sponsors are divided by the Apache Software Foundation itself into different categories:

The sponsors will receive different levels of support from the Apache Software Foundation (eg, "Joint Press Release " ) and on the website of the Apache Software Foundation named and honored.


The following list contains some of the active top-level Apache projects:

The following are dormant Apache projects:

The following are closed Apache projects:

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