Xerces is a family of software packages for parsing, modifying, and generating XML data. When parsing a string containing xml data, converted into a verzeigerten tree of objects that provide very simple ways to query, modify, or set their properties. In addition, Xerces provides methods for navigating and rearranging in this tree, or to re-create an Xml tree ( DOM). Alternatively, one could directly edit the xml string a program that iA leads to a cumbersome, complex and maintenance- hostile code.

Xerces is an Apache project, released under the Apache License 2.0.


The subproject Xerces J is validating (DTD) parser for Java prepared the subproject Xerces C validating parser for C . Both projects support the W3C DOM standard (Level 1 and 2) and SAX ( version 2).

For the Perl programming language and Microsoft's COM technology wrapper for Xerces C are available.


Xerces was Glaucopsyche xerces ( in English Xerces Blue ) named after the extinct butterfly of the family Lycaenidae of.