Aporophyla nigra

Black Glattrückeneule ( Aporophyla nigra)

The Black Glattrückeneule ( Aporophyla nigra) is a butterfly (moth ) from the family of cutworms ( Noctuidae ).

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The wingspan of the butterfly is 40 to 48 mm. The coloration of the forewing is mostly black glossy dark brown. There are also animals that are almost pure black, but also those that shimmer red-brown. Kidney, pin and ring stain taking nearly nothing from the underground. Only in the area of the kidneys blemish yellow dots are sometimes seen. The hind wings of females are gray, those of the males colored almost pure white, with the veins to highlight each distinctive.

Egg, caterpillar, pupa

The whitish egg has a hemispherical shape and is clearly ripped.

When the caterpillars brownish, reddish and greenish copies appear. They have accordingly also differently colored, darkened ridge lines, and whitish or yellowish side stripes and white, black -bordered stigmata.

The brown doll missing spikes or peaks at the cremaster.

Similar Species

In Tunisia flies the lighter colored subspecies Aporophyla nigra cinerea, which in some ways resembles the copies of Aporophyla australis and Trigonophora haasi. The moths of the latter two species, however, are dyed a little paler.

Distribution and habitat

The distribution of the species extends from North Africa through South and Central Europe to Asia Minor in the north to Scotland and southern Norway. It also occurs in the Caucasus, in Israel and Lebanon. The animals are found mainly in dry areas, as on semi-dry turf and gorse heaths, on sunny slopes or in vineyards.

Way of life

The nocturnal moths live mainly in September and October, but can be found even in December or January. Visit artificial light sources and scale bait. Their caterpillars feed on various plants, for example by grasses ( Poaceae ), clover ( Trifolium ), sorrel ( Rumex ), 's Small burnet ( Sanguisorba minor) as well as species of broom ( Genista ) and others. The species overwinters in the caterpillar stage.


In most of their distribution areas in Germany, the Black Glattrückeneule is rare. It is classified on the Red List of endangered species in Category 2 ( high risk ).