Appin Road

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New South Wales

The Appin Road is a main road in the east of the Australian state of New South Wales. It combines the Narellan Road Campbelltown with the Southern Freeway and the Princes Highway at Bulli Pass.


In Campbelltown, about 45 km southwest of the center of Sydney, the Appin Road the continuation of the 1998 -built Narellan Road forms (P69 / Met -9) to the southeast dar. From the intersection at the hospital Campbelltown draws the road through the suburb of Bradbury after south to the place Appin, who gave it its name.

Between the Dharawal State Reserve in the north and the Cataract Dam in the south the Appin Road leads then to the southeast and reaches the southern end of the Bulli Pass, about 15 km north of Wollongong. There it ends at the parallel roads Southern Freeway (R1) and Princes Highway ( S60) near the coast.

Expansion of state

In Campbelltown, and from there south to Appin the road is four to six lanes. On the two-lane piece to Bulli Pass, there are many opportunities for overtaking.


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