ARA Audio Random Access

Audio Random Access, briefly ARA is an extension of audio interfaces such as VST or AU, which was developed by Celemony and Presonus and exchange of additional information between the Digital Audio Workstation ( DAW, in short ) and audio plug-ins allowed. A plugin with ARA receives not only when playing the audio data currently present from the DAW, but has access to the full audio from a sequencer arrangements before and after the playhead. In practice, shall relieve the transferring the audio data in a plugin, as it is currently necessary when working with Melodyne without ARA. The workflow when working with Melodyne is faster and allows edits in real time. In addition, it allows ARA already analyzed by Melodyne audio data by simply dragging and dropping the sequencer in MIDI data to convert.

ARA must be supported by both the DAC and the plugin and does not occur as an independent software in appearance but is integrated in compatible DAWs and plug-ins. ARA is currently in Melodyne editor, assistant and essential from version 1.3, installed in Presonus Studio One version 2 and Cakewalk Sonar from version X3. The Software Development Kit is released, so that other manufacturers ARA can support.