Cakewalk Sonar

History and use of SONAR

Sonar is clear from the Cakewalk MIDI sequencer for MS DOS. With the ability to integrate audio tracks, the product was now continued under MS Windows, first under Cakewalk Pro Audio, and finally renamed in sonar.

There are currently Program: Essential, Studio and Producer. Essential is the variant with the lowest -featured, among other things, limits to 64 audio tracks and buses and a limitation of the audio effects per project. The Studio Edition removes this limitation and has a largely identical functionality as the Producer Edition, which is especially evident in the processing options of audio material and the ability to create surround mixes. The Producer Edition offers the full range of functions, with a modular channel strip on all audio and instrument tracks and a much larger selection of included plugins.

In addition, even "mini- version " there exists a, not purchasable end, the Sonar LE is called. This is usually included as a bonus in music hardware and instruments of various manufacturers.

Currently mainly provide the Studio and Producer version, a complete production environment for recording, arranging and Ausproduzieren of music and dubbing of footage. Here, virtual instruments ( VSTi plugin ) as possible, or external audio signals via an appropriate audio interface recorded are. For the merge is one of the structure and signal flow largely modeled on an analog console, console view to disposal in which to mix the individual signals and apply effects can. In this case, to virtual ( VST) effects or, on an input / output loop on the sound card, external effect hardware, are included balancing the system latency, resorted to.

For the processing of MIDI data different editors can be used. These are the so-called Piano Roll view ( representation of the MIDI events as a bar ), the Event List (display of MIDI events in tabular form ), the score view ( View as notes) and the Step Sequencer view (view to the creation of percussion rhythms in the form of a stylized step sequencer ).

Supported file formats

  • Audio file formats:
  • Video file formats:

Supported plug-in and protocol standards

  • VST2.4 (32- bit and 64- bit)
  • DXi ( DirectX-Instrument/Effekt )
  • MFX ( MIDI effects )
  • ReWire (32- bit and 64- bit)

Version History of Sonar

Copy protection

Since July 2005 by product activation.