Ara stands for:

Parrot birds of different genera:

  • Blauaras, Anodorhynchus
  • Blue-fronted - Zwergara, Diopsittaca
  • ( 849 ) Ara, the main belt asteroid
  • Ara ( River ), tributary of the Rio Cinca in the Spanish Pyrenees
  • Ara Canton, Canton Departemento in Potosí in the province of Nor chichas in Bolivia

Family name

  • Guido Ara (1888-1975), Italian football player and coach

Ara is also responsible for:

  • Ara Shoes, German shoe manufacturers and dealers

Ara stands for:

  • Arabic language, language code from ISO 639-2 and 639-3

ARA is an abbreviation for:

  • Absolute risk aversion by Arrow and Pratt a measure of the risk aversion of a decision, see Arrow -Pratt measure
  • Wastewater treatment plant in Switzerland and Austria for treatment plant
  • Air Rescue Austria Flugrettungs GmbH, Austrian Air Ambulance Company
  • Airborn Radar Approach, landing of fighter aircraft using its own on-board radar
  • Aircraft Research Association, a research facility in the UK
  • Prepaid in Accounting
  • Altstoff Recycling Austria AG, licensor of the Recycling-/Altstoffsammelsystem the Austrian economy
  • American Relief Administration, U.S. aid operation of the famine in Europe and the Soviet Union after World War II
  • Amis de la Reliure d'Art, 1982 Established in France in the organization of artistic book binding
  • Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp, the most important seaports in the Rhine -Meuse delta
  • AppleTalk Remote Access, a protocol from the network technology
  • Arachidonic acid, omega-6 fatty acid
  • Armada de la República Argentina, symbol before the name of the ship of the Argentine Navy
  • Aryan Republican Army, a right-wing organization in the United States
  • Associated Royal Academician, multi-year vesting prior to the election as a full member ( RA) in the British Royal Academies, see Royal Academy of Arts # Membership
  • Audax Randonneurs Allemagne, organization for long-distance cycle race in Germany, see Brevet ( cycling )
  • Audio Random Access, an extension for audio plug-in interface
  • Austral (currency), former currency of Argentina
  • German aristocracy legal committee, association legal organization of nobility associations

AR -A stands for:

  • Salta ( province ), ISO 3166-2 code of the Argentine province of

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