Arbouretum is an American rock band from Baltimore, Maryland. It was founded in 2002 by lead singer and guitarist David Heumann. The band's name is derived from the term Arboretum.


Musically Arbouretum can assign to the Psychedelic and Stoner -rock, while also elements of folk and oriental, and African influences that characterize the style.

The lyrics are often inspired by themes of Western mysticism, and depth psychology. For example, served C. G. Boys Red Book as a source of ideas for their fourth album, The Gathering.



  • 2004: Long Live the Well - Doer ( Box Tree Records)
  • 2007: Rites of Uncovering ( Thrill Jockey )
  • 2009: Song of the Pearl ( Thrill Jockey )
  • 2011: The Gathering ( Thrill Jockey )
  • 2013: Coming out of the Fog ( Thrill Jockey )


Limited live albums

  • 2007: Vapor Trails
  • 2009: Water Wings
  • 2010: Sister Ray
  • 2012: Covered In Leaves