Pontiak is an American psychedelic rock band, founded in Baltimore in 2005. It is composed of brothers Jennings, and Lain Van Carney and currently stands at Thrill Jockey Records. On their farm near Warrenton, Virginia, they take on a mix of psychedelic rock and folk.

  • 2.1 albums
  • 2.2 EPs

Band History

Beginnings (2005-2006)

After the three brothers had played separately in different bands in Europe and the United States, they met in 2005 in Baltimore and played at a farm in Holtzclaw Road in Warrenton, Virginia, the White Buffalo EP a. This was published in the same year on their own label Fireproof Records. On this appeared also their first album Valley Of Cats, which can be now downloaded free at Last.fm in 2006.

Thrill Jockey Records (2007 -present)

On the subsequent tour of the U.S., they wrote new material with which she eventually got a record deal with Thrill Jockey Records. Their second album, which was also the first on their new label, was released a year later under the name Sun On Sun. Together with Arbouretum, which are also associated with Thrill Jockey Records, they recorded a split EP with cover versions by John Cale song called Kale, which was released in early 2008. As a result, followed by a tour with Arbouretum.

In April 2009, followed on their third album maker a tour of America, and a European tour with fellow psychedelic rock band Earthless. During this tour, they drove the Tour LP Sea Voids in a limited edition of 1,000 records. After another tour of Europe with White Hills released their fifth album Living in May 2010.



  • Valley Of Cats (2006)
  • Sun On Sun (2007)
  • Maker ( 2009)
  • Sea Voids (2009)
  • Living ( 2010)
  • Echo Ono (2012)


  • White Buffalo EP ( 2005)
  • Kale split EP with Arbouretum (2008)