Archie Roach

Archie Roach ( born 1956 in Mooroopna, Victoria ) is a singer and songwriter from Australia, dealing in his songs with real life and the Dreamtime of the Aborigines.


Archie Roach lived in Framlingham Aboriginalmission which is at Warrnambool in southwest Victoria. He was taken away as a child and his family suffered as tens of thousands of Aboriginekinder the fate of the Stolen Generation and grew up in a family of whites. He then lived for many years in the streets of Melbourne and Adelaide. When he met Ruby Hunter, he built her a children's home for Aboriginekinder on, made with Hunter music and formed a band.


In 1990, Roach out a music album that dealt with the topic of the Stolen Generation. He thus won the Aria Awards twice and the Human Rights Award and a Golden Record. In 1992 he published Jamu Dreaming and 1997 Looking for Butter Boy, with whom he won three times the Aria Awards.

Roach has performed at numerous festivals and 1992 in the U.S., and further in the UK, Germany, China, Japan and Taiwan. In the U.S., he met Bob Dylan know.