Arkansas Territory

The Arkansas Territory ( initially created as a territory of Arkansaw ) was a historical territory of the United States, which consisted of 4 July 1819 to 15 June 1836, when Arkansas was admitted as the 25th state in the Union. It was created under President James Monroe.

The Arkansas Territory was created from a part of the Missouri Territory. It extended south of a point on the Mississippi River at 36 ° N latitude west to Saint Francis River. From there, following, it was the 36 ° 30 'north latitude westward to the territorial border.

The Arkansas Territory castle next to the current territory of Arkansas, all the territories of present-day Oklahoma south of 36 ° 30 'N latitude with a. Over time, the territory was separated areas twice, the first time on 15 November 1824 for the second time on May 6, 1828th After the reductions had the territory of the current size of the state Arkansas.

Arkansas Post was from 1819 to 1821, the first territorial capital of Arkansas. Then it moved to Little Rock, which is the capital of the state of Arkansas to this day.