Arthur Godfrey

Arthur Morton Godfrey ( August 31, 1903 in New York City; † March 16, 1983 ibid ) was American radio and television presenter. He also appeared as a pop singer and film actor.


Godfrey grew up in New York. After a few years in the Navy and later the Coast Guard, he joined in the late 1920s in Baltimore on a talent show, which meant that he was allowed to moderate their own weekly radio show. Later, he began to work for NBC and moved to Washington, DC. Through its kind to address the audience as individuals, rather than quantity, he soon became a regional star. Moreover, he not only moderated, but in addition sang and played the ukulele.

In 1934 Godfrey his job and was now working for CBS, where he developed his own show Arthur Godfrey 's Sun Dial moderated daily. In the '40s years he was then involved in various programs of CBS and worked during World War II, due to an acquaintance with Franklin D. Roosevelt, at the U.S. Navy Reserves. End of the decade he headed then the radio show Arthur Godfrey Time, which began to run in 1948 also on television. It included interviews with stars and performances of various famous singers. 1937 Godfrey was a member of the Federation of the Freemasons, his box the Acacia Lodge No.. 18 is in Washington, D.C. resident.

From 1948 to 1958 Godfrey Arthur Godfrey 's Talent moderated then Scouts, a program in which several promising singers appeared, many of whom later became famous. The next year came with Arthur Godfrey and His Friends added a similar show. In the early 1950s reached the peak of their success these broadcasts, from the middle of the decade, this then began to subside again.

Godfrey also released numerous recordings. He had his greatest success in 1947 reached titled Too Fat Polka ( You Can Have Her, I Do not Want Her, She 's Too Fat For Me ), the 6th U.S. singles charts and was quoted 16 weeks in the top ten.

1959 was found in Godfrey lung cancer, from which he could be healed. He continued his work as host of Arthur Godfrey Time continues, even if only on the radio. The mailing should be taken only in 1972 from the program. 1983 Arthur Godfrey died in New York from emphysema.