Arx may refer to:

  • Arx ( country ) community in France
  • The Latin word for "castle", in particular the fixed Juno Temple on the Capitol ( Rome)
  • Wood sculpture by the Swedish artist Lars Vilks

Arx (often ARX ) is the proprietary name of a magazine:

  • Arx. Castles in Bavaria, Austria and South Tyrol, ed. by the South Tyrolean Castles Institute

Von Arx is the surname of the following persons:

  • Bernhard von Arx (1924-2012), Swiss writer
  • Casimir von Arx (1852-1931), Swiss politician and the first president of the SBB
  • Caesar von Arx (1895-1949), Swiss playwright
  • Ildefonso von Arx (1755-1833), Swiss monk and historian
  • Jan von Arx (born 1978 ), Swiss ice hockey player
  • Joseph Adolph von Arx (1922-1988), Swiss- Dutch mushroom watchers
  • Katharina von Arx (1928-2013), Swiss writer
  • Mirjam von Arx (born 1966 ), Swiss Film director and producer
  • Nina von Arx (* 1969), German actress
  • Nini von Arx - Zogg, Swiss skier
  • Reto von Arx (born 1976 ), Swiss ice hockey player
  • Urs von Arx ( b. 1942 ), Swiss christian catholic theologian
  • Ursula von Arx (1967 ), a Swiss teacher, journalist and author

AR- X is:

  • Córdoba ( Argentina province ), ISO 3166-2 code of the Argentine province of

ARX ​​stands for:

  • AutoRegressive model with exogenous input, a method in the signal and control technology, see ARMA model
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