The Aspromonte (translated: " rough mountain" ) is a mountain massif in the province of Reggio Calabria in Südkalabrien, Italy. Closely surrounded by the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian Sea covered the mountain range the center of the southern tip of the Italian boot. The soil consists of kristallinischem granite, the rock was formed by Meeressedimentation. The Aspromonte with its bizarre rock formations is partially separated by narrow valleys with rocky, mostly dried up river beds in the summer, since it mainly rains in winter. The highest point is Mont Alto with a height of 1955 m slm

An area of ​​80,000 hectares is available as Parco Nazionale dell ' Aspromonte under protection.

The vegetation is in lower layers of olive, orange and bergamot cultures and scrub, at an average altitude grow vast oak, holm oak and chestnut forests, there also farming is operated. In the highest altitudes pine, spruce and fir trees grow. The fauna includes wild cats, wolves and Bonelli's Eagle. In the health resort GAMBARIE (1600 m slm, the municipality of Santo Stefano in Aspromonte ) is also winter sports. However, it is urgently warned not to wander alone or without local knowledge leadership because many trails are poorly marked and the danger of getting lost in the wilderness, is great. In addition, the Aspromonte of Calabria crime syndicate 'Ndrangheta serves as a retreat.

In some villages in the southern Aspromonte Grekaniko is spoken, one which originate from the Old and Middle Greek dialect. The language that was introduced either at the time of Magna Graecia or the Byzantine period in the region, was able to hold in the difficult -to-reach mountain villages and revived in recent times.


On August 29, 1862, the so-called battle took place here between the Aspromonte volunteers place under the command of Giuseppe Garibaldi and regular Piedmontese troops. The battle ended with a victory of the Piedmont, Garibaldi was injured in their course. In the last decade of the 19th century, Giuseppe Musolino was a 1875 born in the region Brigand, active with his followers in the Aspromonte, he was nicknamed re dell ' Aspromonte ( King of Aspromonte ). Born in San Luca writer Corrado Alvaro portrayed the lives of residents in the short story collection published in 1930 Gente in Aspromonte ( The shepherds of Aspromonte ), which is regarded as crucial to the creation of a distinctive southern Italian literature.

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