The southern French region Astarac was a county in the Middle Ages and consisted of the northern part of the department of Hautes -Pyrénées and from the southern part of the department of Gers. Capital of the county was Mirande. To the north it bordered on the counties FEZENSAC and Armagnac, on the east by Comminges, in the south on the Quatre Vallées and to the west by Bigorre.

The county was created after the division of the Duchy of Gascony among the three sons of the Duke of García Krumme, 926 While the eldest, Sancho IV, the largest part of the Duchy retained, were established for the two younger own counties. William García received FEZENSAC and Arnaud Garcia got Astarac.

List of Counts of Astarac

First Count House

  • 926-960: Arnaud I. García
  • 960-1000: Garcia 's son
  • 1000-1023: Arnaud II son
  • 1023-1040: William I 's son
  • 1040-1083: Sancho I. son
  • 1083 -? Wilhelm II 's son
  • ?? -1142: Bernard I. brother
  • 1142-1174: Sancho II 's son
  • 1142-1174: Bohemond brother
  • 1174-1182: Bernard II son of Sancho II
  • 1182-1183: Bohemond
  • 1183 -? ? Marquesa daughter
  • 1183-1200: Beatrix sister

Second Count House

House Grailly

  • ?? -1528: Charles son of Countess Marthe and Gaston III. de Grailly, Captal de Buch
  • 1528-1528: Johann V. brother
  • 1528-1571: Friedrich brother
  • 1571-1571: John VI. son
  • 1571-1572: Henry brother
  • 1572-1593: Margaret daughter
  • Historical territory (France)