Asterism (typography)

The sign ⁂ is a rarely used punctuation mark consisting of three asterisks, which are arranged in a triangular shape. In the German version of Microsoft Windows (Vista, as of July 2012) shows the system application " character table " the name Star Group; otherwise is a German name for the character is not known. The ( English ) Unicode name is asterism for asterism. Unicode contains ⁂ at code point U 2042.

The symbol is used to identify a sub-chapter of a text. Because of its rarity three consecutive asterisks (*** ) are often used instead of this sign. The markup language HTML instead uses the pound sign ( # ) as a label for anchor.

Should not be confused with the character ⁂ ∴ ( three points in the same arrangement ), which is used to identify a logical consequence used in mathematical proofs.

In Album for the Young, Opus 68, by Robert Schumann found on the pieces Nos. 21, 26 and 30 for a title this character.


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