August Gottfried Ritter

August Gottfried Ritter ( born August 25, 1811 in Erfurt, † August 26, 1885 in Magdeburg ) was a German composer and organist.


Ritter received an early age piano and violin lessons from Erfurt organist of St. Augustine's Church, Andreas Ketschau. One of his sponsors was also Michael Gotthard Fischer. Ritter attended the Augustinian preschool, the school council, and finally in 1828 the teacher training college in Erfurt.

In 1831 he became organist at Erfurt Andrew's Church; the same year as a teacher at the Augustinian and Andreas School. 1832 and 1833 he attended the weekly piano and improvisation lessons from Johann Nepomuk Hummel in Weimar.

In 1834 it was a ministerial scholarship for half a year and after that allows for some shorter periods, in Berlin to study with Ludwig Berger ( piano and composition ), Sing-Akademie director Carl Frederick the Rungenhagen (conducting) and August Wilhelm Bach (organ). In Berlin he also had dealings with the music historian Carl von Winterfeld and the music collector Georg Poelchau.

From 1835, he worked again in Erfurt organist at St. Andrew's Church and a teacher at different schools. In 1837 he founded the sensational soirees.

Since 1839 organist at Erfurt Kaufmannskirche, Knight went to Merseburg in 1844 and three years later at the Cathedral of Magdeburg.

Knight resigned as editor of organ literature as well as in appearance as organ expert.

In 1845 he received the title of "Royal Music Director " and in 1880 was appointed professor. His numerous works on the history of organ music made ​​him one of the founders of musicology. As a composer, he created important works, especially in the field of organ music.


  • Op.7: Six Chorale Preludes ( Trios )
  • Op.8: Three large Choralvorspiele
  • Op.9: Three large Choralvorspiele
  • Op.11: 1.Orgelsonate D minor ( 1845 )
  • Op.15: Practical Organ School, in detail: the organ and the organ music, the art of organ playing the first part of AG Ritter. 8, revised edition. Leipzig, G. W. Körner 's Verlag. 1877 (VIII, 66 pages); Practical teaching Cursus in organ playing, the "art of organ playing " second part of AG Ritter. 9th edition. Leipzig, G. W. Körner 's Verlag. 1877 (II, 119 pages)
  • Op.19: 2.Orgelsonate E Minor ( 1850 )
  • Op.21: 2.Klaviersonate
  • Dedicated 3.Orgelsonate A Minor ( 1855 ), Franz Liszt: op.23
  • Op.31: 4.Orgelsonate A major ( 1855 )
  • O.op: Sinfonia concertante for two bassoons and orchestra
  • Toccata in D minor