Australian Institute of Sport

The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS; Australian Sports Institute ) is an educational and training institute in Australia, which has the promotion of elite sport to the destination. It supports athletes in many different sports and forms of coach. It favors both Olympic and non -Olympic sports.

The headquarters of the Institute is located in the capital Canberra in the Bruce area, on a 65 acre site with numerous sports facilities, including the Canberra Stadium belongs. Some training programs of the Institute are offered in field offices in other Australian cities.

AIS was founded in 1981. Was triggered by the poor showing at the Summer Olympic Games in Montreal in 1976, when not a single Australian to win a gold medal. Since then, the institute numerous Olympic and world champion has produced.


The AIS employs 190 people. This includes trainers and specialists in the fields of sports medicine, nutrition, performance analysis, biomechanics, applied research, talent scouting, school education of athletes, fitness, psychology and physiotherapy. The AIS has its own basketball, football and netball teams playing in the lower leagues.

Each year, the AIS scholarships for more than 700 athletes at this in 35 different funding programs in 26 sports. Even athletes with disabilities in the areas of athletics, swimming and downhill skiing can benefit from the scholarships.

Since 1 July 2001, there is also the Olympic Winter Institute of Australia. This specializes in winter sports who are experiencing a boom since the late 1990s in Australia.

Training programs

In 2005, the AIS offered training programs in the following sports on:

  • Canberra: basketball, disabled sports, archery, boxing, football, gymnastics, athletics, netball, rowing, swimming, triathlon, volleyball ( men) and water polo ( men)
  • Brisbane: cricket, squash, softball and Diving
  • In Gold Coast: Canoeing
  • Adelaide: Cycling
  • Melbourne: Australian Football, tennis and winter sports
  • Mornington Peninsula: Golf
  • Sydney: Disability Sport, Rugby League, Rugby Union, alpine skiing, sailing and water polo ( women)
  • Perth Hockey

After numerous football players were chosen to play for other teams (especially Croatia), these must now sign a contract. According to this they are obliged to refund the cost of training in such a case.