The Avio SpA is an Italian manufacturer of engines and turbines for aircraft and ships. The company is also active in the space sector. The ownership is 70% and the equity group Cinven and 30% in the Italian Finmeccanica.

The training company avio (Freiburg) has no connections to Avio SpA


Fiat in Turin began in 1908 with the construction of aircraft engines and founded in 1916 for the manufacture of aircraft, the subsidiary Società Italiana Aviazione (SIA ). The SIA was renamed in 1918 in Fiat Aviazione and built in the following decades, a number of civil and military machines. Since the 1950s, the construction of jet engines was added in the license, followed by the range space, where you produce rocket engines today. The Aeritalia was created in 1969 as a subsidiary of Fiat and aircraft sectors of the Finmeccanica Group ( Aerfer and Salmoiraghi ). The Fiat aircraft was 1972 very Aeritalia while the Triebwerkbau the parent company remained with Fiat Aviazione who were involved in the 1970s, inter alia, to the development and production of the Turbo - Union RB199 for the Tornado.

After a certain company policy autonomy was achieved in the 1980s, the Fiat Triebwerkbau 1989 under the reorganization of the industrial landscape of Italy as FiatAvio SpA was outsourced. First, still an independent company, it was 2003 Avio Spa in the possession of Finmeccanica and the American investment group Carlyle Group over. 2006 Carlyle stake went for € 2.57 billion in the possession of the private equity fund Cinven.


Avio today employs ( 20xx ) in ten offices 4800 people in Italy and abroad. The company operates primarily as a supplier of modules and components for aircraft engines and produces some under license. It also manufactures solid rocket propulsion. In addition, Avio has an important role in the maintenance and overhaul of engines. In marine engines Avio is a major partner of General Electric. In 2003, Avio sat 1.3bn euros. 48% of our sales are civilian aircraft engines, 31 % in the military sector, 13% to the aerospace and 8% on maintenance and repair work.