AWS Shopper

AWS Shopper ( 1974)

The AWS Shopper was a light motor vehicle, which introduced the former Borgward dealer Walter Schätzle in 1970 at the Hannover Fair. After a few individual pieces by hand, it was produced from 1973 to 1974 from the automotive plant in Berlin- Rudow Walter Schätzle.


Production in Berlin used the subsidies of Berlin promotion. The AWS Shopper had the bottom plate, the chassis and the engine of the Goggomobil T250. It was an air-cooled two-cylinder two -stroke engine with 10 kW ( 13.6 hp) and 22 Nm of torque. Over a four-speed manual gearbox driving the rear wheels.

The body was self-supporting with a skeleton ( Space Frame ) from steel square pipes and joints made of aluminum, which was clad with plastic coated sheet metal. This expensive deep drawing presses and painting were saved.

Moreover, using only the tools hammer, drill and rivet gun assembly of the vehicle was possible, so massive production costs were saved.

The vehicle weighed 415 kg empty, drove a maximum of 65 km / h and had two seats, two side doors and a roof reaching far into the tailgate (which is counted in the body as a door, without being a door in the traditional sense ). With a wheelbase of 1.8 meters, the vehicle was 3.07 m long, 1.4 m wide and 1.38 m high.

It was only available in the color combination orange / black shown here. The company attempted to market the vehicle as a "shopping cart" for families, but the build quality was moderate and the low numbers drove the costs up. After 1400 AWS Shopper Piccolo AWS and 300, for a total of 1700 copies, the production in July 1974 has been set, because the manufacturer went bankrupt. Versions as an open transport carts for industrial or small vans with platform remained prototypes.