The abbreviation AX stands for:

  • Åland, country code according to ISO -3166 -1 and nationality code
  • American Express
  • Autocross, a car race in the sprint style
  • AX (magazine), a Japanese underground comic magazine
  • AX.25, a standardized protocol, to transmit data via a radio channel
  • Binter Canarias, Spanish airline after the IATA code
  • Citroën AX, a model of the French car manufacturer Citroën
  • F-Zero AX, a video game
  • Renault AX, an early and the first car from Renault
  • Trans States Airlines, IATA code of the U.S. airline
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system from Microsoft

AX as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Greece: Achaia
  • UK: Ipswich
  • Norway: Moss in the province Østfold
  • Sweden: Diplomatic for the People's Republic of China
  • Ukraine: Kharkiv Oblast

Ax stands for:

  • Ax- 3 Domaines, a French ski resort
  • The Ax- les -Thermes in the French Pyrenees
  • The Canton of Ax- les- Thermes, in the French Arrondissement Foix

The name Ax wear:

  • Ax Genrich (* 1945), German guitarist
  • Christine Ax (* 1953), German philosopher and economist
  • Emanuel Ax ( born 1949 ), American concert pianist
  • Goran Ax ( born 1943 ), Swedish gliding world champion
  • James Ax (1937-2006), American mathematician
  • Peter Ax (1927-2013), German zoologist
  • Ax Wilhelm (1890-1954), German classical scholar
  • Wolfram Ax (* 1944), German classical scholar

Ax stands for:

  • . ax, the country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of the Finnish autonomous province of Åland

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