Aynsley Lister

Aynsley Lister ( born November 14, 1976 in Leicester ) is a British singer and Rock-/Blues-Gitarrist. His albums have been released by 2006 Ruf Records.


Aynsley Lister was born in Leicester and grew up. At eight, he began to play the guitar, and at thirteen he had already made ​​his first appearance. The next time he used to improve his guitar playing. His professional career as a musician began at the age of twenty-two years. As a singer and guitarist, he recorded several albums, serving or covering genres from blues to blues rock and rock and pop.

Permanent tours throughout Europe have earned him a loyal following. He can now occur as a headliner at several blues festivals.


In addition to his work as an artist Aynsley Lister is also active as a private guitar teacher in Leicester.