Bad Eggs

  • Mick Molloy as Ben Kinnear
  • Bob Franklin as Mike Paddock
  • Judith Lucy as Julie Bale
  • Alan Brough as Northey
  • Bill Hunter as Ted Pratt
  • Marshall Napier as Doug Gillespie

With total commitment! is an Australian comedy thriller from director Tony Martin from 2003.


Ben Kinnear and Mike Paddock are members of a special police unit from Melbourne, both are quite eagerly. When used in a mall they perforate the driver of a car that drives full speed into the mall. The driver, judge Pulgrain had, however, already previously killed himself.

Nevertheless Kinnear and paddock for patrol duty be condemned. Here they come a huge bribery scandal in police circles on the ropes, and even the acting prime minister is involved in the matter. Your boss who also has something to do with the matter, ensures that the two are made ​​scapegoats and suspended. But Ben and Mike did not give up and determine on your own on. At the end, they can tell the scandal and are fully rehabilitated.


  • The budget was estimated 4.8 million Australian dollars.
  • With total commitment! premiered in Melbourne on 13 July 2003.


The film was nominated for the Australian Comedy Awards in 2003 for Best Comedy, for Best Screenplay and three performers categories.