Baden Powell de Aquino

Baden Powell de Aquino, short Baden Powell ( born August 6, 1937 in Varre - Sai, State of Rio de Janeiro; † 26 September 2000 in Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro) was one of the greatest Brazilian guitarists.


Baden Powell was the son of Lino de Aquino and his wife Adelina. The father, who played the violin and guitar, was an enthusiastic Scouts and therefore called his son after Robert Baden- Powell. With seven of the guitar began to play, studied up to the age of fourteen, classical guitar and earned a diploma at the Conservatory in Rio de Janeiro. At fifteen, he was a professional musician, with twenty he began to compose successfully. Important for its musical development, his father Lino, his guitar teacher Jaime Florence and the poet Vinícius de Moraes and Paulo Cesar Pinheiro were. These were known creators of Brazilian songs, which are now among the classics. His greatest compositional contribution was the 1966 incurred by Vinícius de Moraes "Os Afro Sambas ".

The German Jazz Author Joachim Ernst Berendt took on several boards with Baden Powell, who received attention in Europe. His record " Tristeza on Guitar " in 1966 successfully internationally. 1967 brought him Berendt Berlin Jazz Festival. This performance marked the beginning of a successful career in Europe. 1970 undertook the " Baden Powell Quartet" first Europe and Japan tour.

Numerous publications records showed experimenting and improvising musician who knew involve also modulations Baroque in its synthesis of samba and jazz. It has also made recordings of high musical value, which represented a fusion of Afro-Brazilian and European musical culture. Cooperation with Berendt ended in 1971.

The influence of jazz remained, but the Brazilian roots in his music began to dominate his records. The virtuoso blending of styles is the charm of its early records. Baden Powell earned as one of the world's best acoustic guitar players worldwide recognition.

The extensive touring and nightlife demanded the mid-seventies of the sensitive guitarist their toll. Baden Powell became seriously ill by his uncontrolled consumption of alcohol, and his artistic creativity subsided. The public performances and recordings were rare. In 1983 he moved with his wife Silvia and his two sons to Baden -Baden, where he lived retired for several years.

The family living together brought peace and balance in his life. He began performing again. With the solo concerts in Europe, he made a brief time earlier successes. His playing was calmer and more focused, and in his concert repertoire, there were increasing compositions of other Brazilian artists, showing them that recognition was personally denied him at home for a long time.

After five years of retreat in the Black Forest and the publication of three records: Felicidades, Live 1982, Brani Rari e Inediti he returned to Brazil in 1988 and released the album Rio das Valsas, which was characterized by large guitaristic atmosphere, maturity and density. The plate acts as a love letter to his home and to his instrument.

His musical productivity increased again. He gave regular concerts and published some remarkable recordings. Until the last months of life, he devoted himself incessantly new projects. In May 2000, Baden Powell played one of his last albums one - " Lembranças " ( memories ), the late work of a great master of Brazilian guitar.

He also devoted himself to the musical education of his sons, Philippe Baden Powell de Aquino (piano ) and Louis Marcel Powell de Aquino (guitar), who both work professionally as a musician in Brazil and Paris, and have published their own records and compositions.

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