Bahra (river)

The retention basin murder Grundbach

The Bahra is a right tributary of the God Leuba in Saxony and the Elbe tributary.


The river rises in the Eastern Ore Mountains to the southeast of the Czech village of Schonwald ( Krasny Les Krusných horach v ) as Bach Slatina. The headwaters to about 680 m above sea level. NN is characterized by a marsh area that was cultivated by ponds. One of the ponds has a bifurcation similar two outflows. The other is called Rybny Potok ( Fischbach ) and is the source of the River God Leuba.

Riverside 1 km of the creek is crossed by the D8 highway before the river course, already associated with another spring-fed streams, east of Oelsener height at about 430 m above sea level. NN. reached German territory. Indicate the designated as murder Grundbach river forms a more pronounced V-shaped valley, the murder reason, at the output of a retention basin is located in the village of Bärhau. In Hellendorf flows from the right Buschbach which drains the Czech village of Petro Vice ( Peter Forest). From Hellendorf State Road 171 south of Bahra parallel. North marker Bach, emerging in the local end more tributaries, the Bahra flows through an incised valley between the already shaped by Elbsandstone full forms Heuleithe, Eibischsteine ​​, Zeisigstein and happens together with a circular road of the same village Bahra before south Langenhennersdorf at about 275 m above sea level. NN joins the God Leuba.


  • Flow rate: 0.7 m / s
  • Length: 18 km
  • Coverage Area: about 73 sq. km

Former ironworks and mills

Many mills no longer exist, some are converted and used for other purposes:

  • Hammergut and Mühlengut Bienhof
  • Hammer mill and spruce in Hellendorf
  • Hammer mill and Kleppisch in Hellendorf
  • Griesbach Mühlenhelle village
  • Cratzhammer ( Hammergut Cratza ) and Kretzschmarmühle Hellendorf
  • Obermuhle marker Bach
  • Mittelmühle marker Bach
  • Hammergut Kammerhof and Niedermühle marker Bach
  • Mill Buchhain (OT marker Bach)
  • Bahr hammer and Irrgangmühle Bahra
  • Lohmühle and Hiekmannmühle Bahra
  • Bahr mill or mill herring Bahra
  • Zeidelmühle (also Zeitelmühle ) Langenhennersdorf