Baldwin of Ibelin, Seneschal of Cyprus

Baldwin of Ibelin (franz: Baudouin d' Ibelin, † February 21, 1267 ) was a leading nobleman of the Kingdom of Cyprus out of the house Ibelin. He was a younger son of John of Ibelin, the " old man of Beirut ", and Melisende of Arsuf.


At a young age, Baldwin fought on 15 June 1232 the victorious Battle of Agridi against the troops of the imperial governor Richard Filangieri, in an invasion of Cyprus could be prevented ( Lombard war ). To 1246 he was appointed by King Henry I to the Seneschal. On behalf of King Henry in 1247 he supported the defense of Ashkelon against the Ayyubids with eight galleys and one hundred knights, but the fall of the city on October 15 could not prevent. Together with his brother, Marshal Guy of Ibelin, Baldwin led the Cypriot knighthood from 1249 on the crusade of Louis IX. from France to Egypt ( Sixth Crusade ). There, the two came, however, in April 1250 the captivity of Mamelukengarde. In the time of their captivity, the Mamelukes in Egypt perpetrated on May 1, 1250 a coup and murdered the Ayyubid Sultan Turan Shah. A few days later, the Mamluks released them for a ransom.

In a deed dated September 15, 1256 he is mentioned as Seneschal of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

Marriage and issue

Baldwin was married to Alice of Beth-shan, daughter of Walter of Beth-shan, granddaughter Guermonds I., Herr von Beth-shan. Their children were:

  • John of Ibelin († after 1250 ), ∞ Isabella Rivet;
  • Philip of Ibelin (* 1253, † after 1318 ), 1302 constable of Cyprus; ∞ 1 1280 Mary of Hanousse; ∞ 2 1295 Mary of Gibelet († 1331 );
  • Guy of Ibelin ( † after 1270), ∞ Maria of Armenia, daughter of King Hethums I of Armenia;
  • Balian of Ibelin († 1284/98 ), ∞ Marguerite Visconte;
  • Hugo ( † 21 July 1315 as a prisoner in Kyrenia) of Ibelin ∞ Alice le gate;
  • Melisende († young).