Bamako–Sénou International Airport

Aéroport international de Bamako Sénou

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The Bamako airport (English Bamako Sénou International Airport, French Aéroport international de Bamako Sénou ) is an airport of Bamako in Mali.


The airport is located near the city of Bamako.

Navigation aids

The Tower ( TWR ) sends and receives on the frequency 118.3 MHz. The airport has several navigation aids. The start and runway 06 /24 has an instrument landing system (ILS ). The non-directional beacon ( NDB ) transmits on the frequency 301 kHz with the identifier BM. The omnidirectional radio range (VOR) frequency 113.7 MHz transmit on with the identifier BKO. A distance measuring equipment (DME ) is available.


According to ASN two fatal accidents in the vicinity of the airport are known.

  • On July 24, 1971 accident, a Douglas C- 47A -90 -DL Air Ivoire, shortly after the start, near the airport. In this case, all six occupants were killed.
  • On May 31, 1981 Algerian government machine type Dassault Falcon 20C crashed during approach in bad weather. Three of the six occupants were killed. The Algerian Foreign Minister Mohamed Seddick Benyahia survived the accident.