The Barnabites ( Congregation of the Clerics Regular of St. Paul, lat. Clerici regulares S. Pauli decollati, religious symbol: B, also CRSP, or Paulist ) are a Catholic religious order for men who lived and taught according to the Pauline theology. Your essentially belong to the priests, who are mainly engaged in the work of education and pastoral care.


The Barnabites were founded in 1530 by Antonio Maria Zaccaria in Milan. Zaccaria was an Italian priest and physicist who was canonized in 1897. The Community has already gained its papal recognition in 1533 by Clement VII Congregation of Clerks Regular of St. Paul ( Paulaner ). The Order takes its name from the related in Milan in the same year ancient monastery of San Barnaba. The union sat down beginning of their objectives, to prevent the moral squalor in Milan to support religious ties of the clergy to act regulating effect on the laity by anleiteten as a people missionaries the people to special devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and to the study of Paul's letters to devote.

The Order was an instrument of the Counter-Reformation and sought a merger in 1533 with the Jesuits at what Ignatius of Loyola, however, prevented. 1603 Henry IV sent them to France to fight the Huguenots, and in 1626 they ordered Ferdinand II to Austria, where he entrusted to them the Church of St. Michael in Vienna as a religious house.

The religious life demanded strict Bußzucht and flagellation as well as teaching lectures and scholarly activity. Thus, the Paulaner chairs have held at universities and high schools. Of note is a church in Moncalieri, the church of Sta. Maria della Scala, and an astrological and meteorological observatory, which was established by the Barnabitenorden. Influenced by the Order was, for example, Jeanne -Marie Bouvier de La Guyon ( 1648-1717 ).

The community was one of the year 2004 385 members, including 303 priests, 66 parishes looked after (so the Pontifical Annuario ). There are monasteries in Italy, Austria, Belgium, Spain and South America.

Zaccaria later founded a similar medal for women, the Angelics, and The English Sisters of St. Paul, in 1535 by Pope Paul III. was recognized. Zaccarias relics are preserved in the church of Angelics to Milan, in S. Barbara, and are worshiped there.

Known Barnabites

Significant members of the Order were Paolo Frisi (1728-1784), Giuseppe Parini (1729-1799), Carl Leonhard Reinhold and Ugo Bassi ( 1801-1849 ). Notoriety it brought the Barnabit Michael Marrano (Latin Murazanus ), who was asked especially the nobility and high clergy as an exorcist in the early 17th century. Among the personalities to whom he cast out demons, belonged to the Cardinal of Lorraine and the Bishop of Verdun. He repeatedly tried to fix the childlessness of aristocratic couples through exorcism, such as when Antonie of Lorraine and John William of Jülich -Cleves -Berg, Elisabeth Renata of Lorraine and Maximilian I of Bavaria and Duchess of Mantua and Amadeus of Savoy.

General Superiore

  • Alessandro Sauli ( 1567 - February 10 1570)
  • Francesco Fontana (1807 - March 19, 1822 )
  • Giovanni M. Bernasconi (1964 - 1970)
  • Giovanni Villa (24 July 2000 - ... )