Bastille (Band)

Bastille is a four-piece British pop band from South London.

Band History

Bastille was originally the solo project of singer-songwriter Dan Smith, which he developed with three friends to the band. The band is named after the July 14, which as a national (France) is celebrated to commemorate the storming of the Bastille, as lead singer Dan Smith birthday that day. The band released their first music in the form of mixtapes on the internet, with Smith movie buff for the videos regardless of the copyright together cut scenes. The attention gained helped them to appearances at festivals such as Glastonbury and eventually to a record deal with an indie label. They are then toured through the UK, the USA and South Africa.

The vinyl debut single with the songs Flaws and Icarus was released in July 2011. Followed the Laura Palmer EP as a tribute to the eponymous character of the TV series Twin Peaks. The song contained therein Overjoyed 2012 was the first release after they had been taken by EMI / Virgin under contract. With the re-release of Flaws as regular music and download it reached in autumn 2012 number 21 in the UK charts. In February 2013 published Bastille their fourth single Pompeii, which was a great success. She landed in the UK charts at # 2 and placed himself in the German charts at number 6

Their debut album, Bad Blood reached one week after the publication number 1 in the UK charts.


  • Daniel " Dan " Campbell Smith (born 14 July 1986) - Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion, Producer
  • Kyle Jonathan Simmons (born 5 February 1988) - keyboards, percussion, synthesizers, bass, background vocals
  • William "Will" Farquarson (born 22 September 1983) - bass, keyboards, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
  • Christopher " Woody" Wood ( born July 6, 1985) - drums, background vocals

More about the members

  • Dan Smith studied English literature at the University of Leeds.
  • Chris Wood has worked before the breakthrough of his band, among other things as a drum teacher.
  • Kyle Simmons loves cats and is used in the band as a " rounder " because he has mastered many different musical instruments. He joined as the last of the band after frontman Smith invited him to the party of a mutual friend to do so. Although Kyle the University of Leeds visited, he learned and Dan Smith know each other through mutual friends later.


Studio albums


Other Publications:

  • 2011: Laura Palmer
  • 2012: iTunes Festival: London 2012
  • 2013: iTunes Festival: London 2013




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