A. Batschari a cigarette factory was founded by August Batschari 1834 in Baden -Baden. Batschari one next Garbáty and Manoli to the great patrons of the arts and employed a famous advertising advertising artists like Hans Rudi Erdt, Ivo Puhonny, Lucian Bernhard and Ludwig Hohl wine. Today, the old enamel signs, cigarette cases, posters and promotional advertisements of Batschari popular collector's items.


Heinrich clean Boldt, who later father August Batscharis, offered in a rented house at first boutique in the Conversation handmade cigars best quality, which led him to commercial success. A short time later, he was additionally cigarettes produced in its own small factory. August Batschari devoted himself entirely to the production of cigarettes. Under him, the daily production grew from 110,000 cigarettes in 1899 up to more than three million. The Batscharifabrik was built in the years 1908 and 1909 in Baden -Baden between the Balzenbergstraße and Mozart Street. The start-up meant for the spa town of the beginning of the industrial phase. The brand name ABC was known far beyond the borders of Germany, as in all the major European cities outlets were established. Even in New York on Madison Street Avenue/46th decreed Batschari on a branch.

A. Batschari been appointed on the basis of the high quality of the products to the Grand Duke of Baden Hoflieferanten.

In the wake of the global economic crisis Batschari ran into economic problems. Partly because of the huge tax increases and resulting tax liabilities Batschari was threatened in existence and had to be maintained with public funds. Batschari was the largest employer of Baden-Baden. At this time, there was a takeover by the Reemtsma Group. The trademark " Mercedes " was produced by Reemtsma until 1965. The factory site was converted into a hotel in the end of 2000.

  • Traditional brands ( cigarettes) Mercedes
  • Sleipner
  • Cyprienne
  • Radium
  • Senator
  • Tacos
  • Tufuma