Baugh Fell

Cairns on the Baugh Fell

Baugh Fell is a mountain in Cumbria, England. The mountain is now in Cumbria, but belonged until 1974 to the West Riding of Yorkshire and is now in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The mountain has a height of 678 m and a saddle height of 260 m.


Baugh Fell bounded on the west by the Dent Fault and the Clough River and the east by the valley of the River Rawthey. The summit plateau is in the shape of the letter " L" is 4 km long and runs in a north -south direction. The highest point of the vast plateau is the Tarn Rigg Hill. A trigonometric point is located at Knoutberry Haw ( Ordnance Survey (OS) Grid Reference SD731919 ).

Located just north of the Tarn Rigg Hill there are five small lakes and tarns the East lies at the northern end of the plateau of the West Tarn (OS Grid Reference SD730937 ).

On Baugh Fell spring from the Rawthey Gill and Gill Haskhaw that make up the River Rawthey and Grisedale Beck, a tributary of the River Clough, all of which are tributaries of the River Lune.

The mountain can be climbed from different sides on the basis of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000.

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