Beauty and the Beast (Disney song)

Beauty and the Beast is a song that was composed in 1991 by Alan Menken. The text was written by Howard Ashman. In the sung by Angela Lansbury version for it The Beauty and the Beast used as a film song for the Disney movie. The song was awarded both the Academy Award for Best Song and the Golden Globe. It also won a Grammy for Best Original Song. In the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart, the song peaked at number nine.

The song describes the relationship of the two main characters of the film, Belle and the Beast. The song was used in a sung by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson version for the soundtrack of the film. Dion released the song on one of their albums. Also in the same musical is the song, sung in the original musical by Beth Fowler, used.

The song was repeatedly gecovert so by Peter Hofmann and Jana Werner in a German version, Garou and Camille Lou in a French version more French-language versions submitted by Charles Aznavour and Liane Foly and Patrick Fiori and Julie Zenatti. The group Suburban Legends coverte the song.