Charles Aznavour

Charles Aznavour ( listen / i;? Actually Schahnur Waghinak Asnawurjan, Armenian Շահնուր Վաղինակ Ազնավուրյան / Šahnowr Vałinak Aznavowryan, also Charles Aznavourian; May 22nd, 1924 in Paris, France ) is an Armenian- French singer, songwriter, composer and actor. In addition, he is Armenian Ambassador to Switzerland and at the United Nations in Geneva.


Aznavour heard for over half a century of the outstanding figures of the French chanson. His breakthrough came in 1946, when Édith Piaf became aware of him and took him on a tour of France and the United States. Aznavour has written over a thousand songs and interpreted in five languages ​​(including German, in the translation of Ernest Bader, Walter Brandin, Michael Kunze and Jacky Dreksler ). The German sung CD " The Best of German " was published in 2004 by the label EMI. Over the years, over a hundred records were created. He is considered the most internationally famous French singer.

The lyrics of his songs often deal with love. Some of his best known songs are La Bohème, La Mamma, Que c'est triste Venise, She, Mourir d' aimer, Paris au mois d' août, depending m'voyais déjà, Les Comédiens, Tu t'laisses all, Emmenez -moi, Comme ils disent, Pour faire une jam.

As an actor Aznavour starred in over 70 films, including 1979 in the Oscar-winning film The Tin Drum by Volker Schlöndorff and 2002 in Atom Egoyan's reflection on artists, memory and the Armenian history of Ararat. In 2006, he starred in his latest role: The Colonel. In an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, he stated in 2008 that he would turn no further films more.

On 20 February 2006 Aznavour ended international farewell tour in Essen; the local concert was seen as his last public concert. Aznavour had given several times farewell concerts; also in the food did not remain his last. In September 2006, he launched a North American tour; In November 2007 he performed at the Paris Palais des Congres. In the spring of 2008 he was in Montréal ( Canada ) another concert. On stage, he was able to convince to last with physical fitness and a distinctive voice in front of sold-out houses, where it occurs without a teleprompter or other aids and often sings in several languages. In 2009 he collaborated with arranger John Clayton, of his songs re-arranged and re- recorded with Aznavour and his Clayton / Hamilton Big Band.

September 30, 2006 Aznavour stepped in front of 50,000 spectators at the Republic Square in the Armenian capital, Yerevan, and also turned in Armenian to his audience. The occasion was the first state visit by a French president (1995-2007 Jacques Chirac ) in the Republic of Armenia. Aznavour among the world's most prominent Armenians and has worked for the country, especially since the devastating earthquake there in 1988 again and again. In December 2008, Aznavour, who is also the representative of Armenia in the UNICEF was awarded the Armenian citizenship.

Since June 2009, Aznavour is in Geneva, Armenian Ambassador to Switzerland. In addition, he represents his country at the Geneva branch of the United Nations.

On October 7, 2011, a cultural center named after him has been in Yerevan in his presence and that of the French and Armenian President opened.


Aznavour was married several times: in 1946 he married Micheline Rugel, a year later, daughter Seda was born, who followed him as a singer in show business. 1952, son Charles to the world. 1955 Aznavour married Evelyne Plessis, the marriage lasted until 1960. From this connection was son Patrick ( * 1956 ) shows. On January 11, 1967 Aznavour took the Swede Ulla Thorsell IngeGerd wife. On January 12, 1968, she was under church auspices of the Armenian Archbishop in Paris. With it, the artist has three more children: Katia ( b. 1969 ), Mischa Lev ( b. 1971 ) and Nicolas ( b. 1977 ).

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