Beni, Democratic Republic of the Congo


Beni is a city in the northeast of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the province of North Kivu, with 95 407 inhabitants ( 2010).

Beni is located about 70 kilometers north of Lake Edward, and about 100 km south-west of Lake Albert on the western edge of the Virunga National Park and the Rwenzori mountains. There is an airport, a market and the Université chrétienne Bilingue du Congo.

2001 was Beni scene of fierce fighting during the Second Congo War. Since then, troops of the United Nations Mission are stationed in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Also in the summer of 2010, there were refugee movements on the surrounding streets.

Bishop of the Diocese of Butembo -Beni since 1998 Melchisedec Sikuli Paluku.