Benin City

Federal State

Benin City ( Benin City ) is a town in Nigeria. She has almost 2.6 million inhabitants (calculated as of 2012) and is the state capital of Edo.


The city is located in the south of the country on the eponymous river. The Okomu National Park is located about 60 kilometers north- west of Benin City.


At the end of the 19th century the capital of the former kingdom of Benin (not to be confused with the present-day state of Benin ) " surrounded by deep trenches " as described. This was the wall of Benin, the then largest fortification in the world. She had " broad streets with busy traffic ," an extensive palace of the ruler and 15,000 inhabitants. The city was devastated in 1897 during a conquest by the British colonial troops.

During the Biafran War, the Republic of Benin in Benin City in 1967 proclaimed that " territory " was already on the following day, however, occupied by Nigerian troops, bringing the Republic came to an end fast.

Recently, there was a large Christian movement in Benin.


In Benin City, there is a national museum, a palace ( Oba 's Palace ) and the zoological nature park Ogba Zoo. The city has several markets.


The city is known for the rubber industry. There is a port and a university.

Benin City is a center of child prostitution. Thousands of children are being sold there by their poor families to pimps and end up on the streets and in the brothels of Germany later.


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