The Okumu National Park is the smallest of the eight national parks in Nigeria and is located in Edo State, about 60 km north-west of Benin City. The National Park covers an area of ​​197.12 km ² and is the core area of ​​1082 km ² large Okomu Forest Reserve, which was established in 1935. In the field of Okomu Forest Reserve home to rare and endangered species, for this reason the Okomu Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1985, this was 1999, the status of a national park awarded.

The area of the national park is very flat and is about 30 to 60 meters above the sea level. The soils in this area are alkaline clay soils that are poor in nutrients and lie on sedimentary rocks from the Eocene. In the area of ​​the National Park of the water table is quite high, so that in the rainy season form numerous lakes and marshes. The rainfall is about 2100 mm per year and the average daily temperature is about 30.2 ° C, with a humidity of 65%.

The forests are of the tree species of the kapok tree ( Ceiba pentandra ), the Celtis zenkeri, the Obeche tree ( Triplochiton scleroxylon ) Antiaris africana, Pycnanthus angolensis and Alstonia congoensis formed and represent the last large contiguous rainforests west of the Niger in Nigeria dar.

The fauna of the National Park is very rich in species, as 33 species of mammals have been recorded, among other things, the forest elephant (Loxodonta cyclotis ), the African buffalo ( Syncerus caffer ), the Rotbauchmeerkatze ( Cercopithecus erythrogaster ) and the rare primates Halsbandmangabe ( Cercocebus torquatus ).

The avifauna is equally diverse, so when counting a total of 150 different bird species have been recorded, including the gold helmet hornbill ( Ceratogymna elata ), the black helmet hornbill ( Ceratogymna atrata ) and all four Finches types Nigrita fusconata, bicolor, luteifrons and - canicapilla.


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