Blaublitz Akita

Blaublitz Akita (Japaneseブラウ ブリッツ 秋田, Burauburittsu Akita ) is a Japanese football team from Akita, Akita. Currently the club plays in the third-class J3 League.


The club was founded in 1965 as the works team of the Japanese company TDK. After reaching the Tohoku Regional League in 1982, the club managed to rise in 1984, the then second Japan Soccer League Division 2, in which they remained two years.

The 2006 season ended the club's Tohoku Regional League for the fifth time in succession and secured with a win in the relegation promotion to the JFL. In May 2009, TDK announced that the club is released by the company and will play independently from the 2010 season. During the season the club was renamed Blaublitz Akita.

Current squad

As of 10 March 2013

  • Japanese football club
  • Akita Prefecture