Blossom (TV series)

Blossom is a comedy television series with half-hour episodes. In the U.S., it was broadcast from 1990 to 1995 on NBC. In Germany the first broadcasts was on 5 December 1994 in the First.


The series is about Blossom Russo ( Mayim Bialik ), a teenage girl that lives with her ​​father and two brothers.

The series begins with Blossoms mother leaves the family because they can not reconcile with the family their own lives and their careers. Later in the life of the family is shown that, as usual for sitcoms does not follow a great plan of action.

A hallmark of the series is the ever more serious occurring sequences in which the humor in favor of the representation of a social problem (violence against women, drug problems, etc. ) was cleared.

The film

The dramatic climax of the series led out to a movie that is about that Blossom visits her mother in Paris. The plot of this film is integrated into the series, and the product can be seen as an extended episode with other venues and increased budget.

The characters


At the beginning of the series Blossom ( Mayim Bialik ) is 13 years old. An essential trait is an unusual for this age intelligence that stands in contrast to other members of their family. Blossom sometimes you get good advice to solve their problems by famous celebrities in fantasy sequences.


Blossoms father Nick ( Ted Wass ) is divorced and a single parent. He is trying to find by professional musicians between gigs, recordings and tours time for his family.


Anthony, just Tony (Michael Stoyanov ) is Blossoms older brother. An often aufgegriffenes theme is his conquered drug addiction. In a later season he marries. Stoyanov left the show early to be an author at Late Night with Conan O'Brien, which he later regretted.


Joey ( Joey Lawrence), the other brother, is the least intelligent member of the family and therefore a significant factor comedy. His role was not originally intended to be a supporting, but he quickly became an audience favorite, and then the writers put him more in the center.


Six LeMeure ( Jenna von Oy ) is Blossoms best friend with whom she discusses everything. Your name is explained in the pilot, that her father, when he learned that he had a daughter, once the " gas station " went and bought a six-pack to drown his "luck". The name for the character Six came from the show's creator. His son went with a girl in the school was called the Seven. He simply took a number and Jenna von Oy got its series name. (This is also explained in an episode of Blossom where the actors talk about their characters and each present their own favorite scene. )


Nick learns Carol ( Finola Hughes ) know at the beginning of the fourth season and marries her. The British ex-wife of a Scottish millionaire brings with her ​​little daughter Kennedy in marriage. First Blossom rejects her father's new wife and her daughter, accepted the election of her father but eventually. In the penultimate episode Carol is known to have a baby by Nick.


The children's book illustrator Shelley (Samaria Graham) is - rather by accident - Anthony's wife, after both have drunk met in Las Vegas. They fall in love until after the wedding together and have a son, Nash Metropolitan ( named after the car in which the child was born ). Shelley is colored, which is discussed frequently in the series.


Kennedy ( Courtney Chase ) is Carols daughter and is woken after their wedding Blossoms stepsister.


Vincent ' Vinnie ' Bonitardi (David Lascher ) is Blossoms first love and her boyfriend for a long time. Since he has a rather dubious reputation because of past offenses and alcohol abuse, Nick can not stand him.


  • The series was filmed in five seasons with a total of 114 episodes.
  • The title song was My OpinionNation by Mike Post and Steve Geyer. It was sung by Dr. John.
  • The ARD beamed the first series of bilingual.


The series won three Young Artist Awards and was nominated eleven times between 1992 and 1995.