Bonfire (band)

Bonfire is a German hard rock band, founded in Ingolstadt under the name Cacumen and renamed Bonfire 1986.


The band was founded by Hans Ziller 1972 Cacumen joined in 1978 Claus Lessmann. In 1981, this album was in the further occupation with Hans Ziller, Horst Meier - Thorn, Hans Hauptmann and Hans Forstner the first, self-titled, taken by a total of three.

After renaming of Cacumen in Bonfire and the change to the record company BMG / RCA in 1986 released their debut Bonfire Do not Touch the Light, what two new members, Jörg Deisinger (Ex - Dynasty ) on bass and Dominik Hülshorst (Ex - DARXON ) on drums, were involved.

In 1987, Dominik Hülshorst separated already from again; his new workplace was Kymera. He was replaced by Edgar Patrik, who had previously played with the band Sinner. In the autumn of the same year the album was released Fireworks, which has to date sold over 250,000 in Germany alone times, reaching Gold status. The award was given for Bonfire in 2004.

1988, guitarist Horst Meier - Thorn for health reasons, the band, which then undertook Gerhard "Angel" grinder of Pretty Maids. During the recording sessions for their third album Point Blank in the following year Hans Ziller Bonfire had to leave because of business differences which should occupy the courts for some time. He then formed his own band Ez Livin '. Then looked Bonfire on the soundtrack to Wes Craven film Shocker with what the title Sword and Stone was taken, the Paul Stanley Bruce Kulick and had written for the album Kiss Crazy Nights.

The 1991 album release Knock Out flopped. Shortly thereafter, Claus Lessmann left the band. Without the two creative minds Lessmann and Ziller Bonfire was at the end. 1993 was practically posthumously yet released a live album, which, characteristically for the sudden failure, the documented " Point Blank Tour" instead of the previous " Knock ' Em Out Tour ", that contained not a single song of Knock Out. Lessmann and Ziller meanwhile published the same year the EP believers turn under the name " Lessmann / Ziller ," whose six songs are all in German.

In 1995, Lessmann and Ziller bought from the rest of the band naming rights to Bonfire. Meanwhile, they wrote even the score for Joseph Vilsmaier film Charlie & Louise. The following year, appeared as a comeback album Feels Like Comin 'Home. At the same time the album was released with the limited edition published bonfire that contains only songs with German lyrics. The name of their foregone Angel Grinder and Jörg Deisinger who had gone ahead as early as 1993 with the Bonfire short-time member Michael Bormann as Charade, tried with projects such as Demon Drive (1995, only Grinder) and Sabu (1996 ) their happiness.

In 1997, then appeared with a new, part of Ez Livin ' brought along cast members - singer Claus Lessmann, the guitarist Hans Ziller and Chris Lausmann, bassist Uwe Koehler and drummer Jürgen " Bam Bam " Wiehl - the album Rebel Soul. Claus Lessmann is also known as a performer of the famous FC Bayern songs FC Bayern, Star of the South.

2002 Chris Lausmann adopted from the line-up and was replaced by keyboardist Thomas Streck. This in turn was replaced in 2005 by the guitarist Chris " Yps " Limburg, the part to date for permanent occupation. 2007 was the DVD Double Vision, produced by the London Film production company transistor Pictures on the market; Directed by Bernhard Kellerer.

For listed from 2008 to 2010 in the Stadttheater Ingolstadt rock opera, The Robber Lessmann and Ziller wrote the music. Bonfire went there live on stage, and made ​​the rock opera with more than 50 sold-out shows at one of the most successful performances of the theater Ingolstadt. Bonfire published to show the CD The robbers, as well as a double DVD with the complete piece, the videos and the new version of You make me feel.

In January 2009, the band announced to separate " by mutual agreement and in all friendship " by Jürgen " Bam Bam " Wiehl. Dominik Hülshorst, who had already played at Bonfire 1985 to 1987, returned to after twenty years, the drummer item back. Published in 2010 Bonfire at Universal Music, the single " German National Anthem " during the football World Cup in South Africa. The single made ​​it into the Top 50 singles chart and stayed there for 7 weeks.

On January 21, 2011 The new album Bonfires Branded appeared with twelve songs, including new versions of already released songs I Need You and Rivers Of Glory. Also this album again reached the Top 100 album charts. In October of that year, the live album " Fireworks ... Still Alive", the next to complete a Fireworks album the four additional tracks, " You make me feel ", " Just follow the rainbow", " Sword and Stone " and the Steve Lee tribute " I'm on my way" contains.

2012, Bonfire and drummer Dominik Hülshorst have separated by mutual agreement. The vacant position will be filled in the near future with Harry " Fireworks " Reisch man that occurred in March 2012 with the band in Ukraine. In May 2013, the band released the live album: " Bonfire -Live in Wacken "




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