Bra stands for:

  • Bra ( Belgium), town in the province of Liege in Belgium
  • Bra ( cheese), Northern Italian cheese with Protected Designation of Origin
  • Bra ( Piedmont ), location in the Piedmont Region (Italy ), Province of Cuneo
  • Bra ( abbreviation for brassière ), French, German and English but also in the common word for bra

BRA is an abbreviation for:

  • Brasil Rodo Aéreo, former Brazilian charter airline ( flight operations in 2007 set )
  • Brazil, country code according to ISO 3166 and International Olympic Committee

BRA as distinguishing signs on license plate:

Brå is the name of:

  • Oddvar Brå ( born 1951 ), Norwegian cross-country skiers

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  • Bra- Ket, tensor notation by Paul Dirac in Quantum Mechanics
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