Broadway Hostess

  • Wini Shaw: Winnie Wharton
  • Genevieve Tobin: Iris Marton
  • Lyle Talbot: Lucky Lorimer
  • Phil Regan: Tommy Blake
  • Joe King: Big Joe Jarvis
  • Donald Ross: Ronnie Marton
  • Spring Byington: Mrs. Duncan Griswald Wembly - Smythe

Broadway Hostess is an American film musical from 1935 based on a short story by Benjamin M. Kaye.


The singer Winnie Wharton comes by Lucky Lorimer to an appearance in a Broadway nightclub. With the help of Lucky and pianist Tommy Blake is Winnie's appearance a success. Lucky makes to Winnies Manager and brings the night club owner Big Joe Jarvis to pay Winnie very good. Winnie is always known and famous.

Tommy has fallen in love with Winnie. But since he knows that Winnie is in turn in love with Lucky, he says nothing. However, Lucky Winnie's unrequited feelings, because he has an affair with Iris Marvin. Iris is a lady of high society, therefore the ratio of the two is problematic. Lucky wants to get with money reputation. So he opened a games room. Iris' snobbish brother Ronnie loses at Lucky lot of money and steals the family jewels to pay his gambling debts at Lucky can. The theft is displayed, and when the jewels to be found at Lucky, this is arrested.

Order to free Lucky, Winnie gives her money to a fraudulent lawyer. Iris learns that Ronnie is the real thief. Through their relations Lucky is released. When the two get married, Tommy tells Lucky that Winnie has problems. Secretly arranged Lucky that Winnie may reoccur. Ronnie is afraid that his new brother finds out his guilt and shoots him down. At Lucky's bedside Winnie recognizes that Lucky and Iris are happy together. It accepts the request of Tommy, who has always stood by her.


Was Andre Mountain Forest of the New York Times, the filmmakers have successfully cobbled together all the clichés of a musical comedy and housed in a movie.


1936 Bobby Connolly was nominated in the category Best Dance Director for the Oscar.


The production of Warner Bros. premiered on 7 December 1935.

Pictures of Broadway Hostess