Brokdorf Nuclear Power Plant


Active reactors ( gross ):

The nuclear power plant Brokdorf ( KBR) is located near the town of Brokdorf in Steinburg, Schleswig -Holstein, and was first commissioned in October 1986 by the then owner Preussen Elektra and HEW in operation. 2010 as one of the nuclear power plant the company E.ON ( 80%) and Vattenfall (20 %). During the construction phase in the 1970s and 1980s, there were violent protests by anti-nuclear activists.

Known as KBR nuclear power plant has a pressurized water reactor with uranium dioxide fuel elements, which are used in enrichment levels of 1.9, 2.5 and 3.5 percent. Also mixed oxide fuel containing ( MOX fuel ), plutonium from reprocessing can be used. In the reactor of the nuclear power plant there are 193 fuel with a heavy metal weight of 103 tons. The Brokdorf nuclear power plant has a thermal power of 3900 MW and a gross electrical output of 1,480 MW. It belongs to the third generation pressurized water reactor in Germany, the pre-Convoy plants. With a gross power of just under twelve billion kilowatt hours in 2005 it was the world leader.

The final shutdown of the nuclear power plant Brokdorf is provided no later than 2021 (see nuclear phase-out ).


In 1976 started the construction work. Against the planning and construction took place since November 1976 held demonstrations of the anti-nuclear movement, which proceeded partly by force. After a few months, a freeze was imposed by court order. After a four-year freeze in late 1980 it was announced that it would likely lead to a continuation of the construction. Then took on 28 February 1981 in Wilstermarsch around 100,000 people in the largest ever demonstration against nuclear power in Germany in part. Around 10,000 policemen tried in vain to prevent a part of the demonstration, which had been prohibited by the district. 128 police officers and a similar number of protesters were injured in violent riots, the police issued weapons of all kinds safely. The legal dispute over the demonstration was later the subject of the Brokdorf Decision of the Federal Constitutional Court. The court found that the prohibition of the demonstration had been unconstitutional. The resistance of the population and the actions of state power against the protests of portraying published in 2012 film " The Thing on the dike ."

From the spring of 1981 was further built. On 25 May 1981 Mayor of Hamburg Hans -Ulrich Klose ( SPD) also appeared therefore resigned from his post because he could not prevail over parts of the Hamburg SPD leadership his desired exit from the power plant project Brokdorf.

After the Chernobyl disaster, there were in Germany on June 7, 1986 two nationwide mass demonstrations: one located against the construction reprocessing plant Wacker village and located against the construction of nuclear power plant in Brokdorf. Both were banned. Nevertheless, in both places, hundreds of thousands people demonstrated against nuclear energy. There were massive clashes. In protest of the police action, it came the next day in Hamburg for a protest demonstration, which ended in later court as unconstitutional classified Hamburger boiler. The Hamburg boiler was the trigger for the establishment of the "Hamburger signal ", an association of Hamburg police officers who publicly spoke out against this police operation. From the Hamburg signal the Federal Association of critical police officers emerged.

On October 8, 1986, the nuclear power plant was the world's first plant after the nuclear accident at Chernobyl in operation.

On March 5, 2007, an interim storage facility for spent nuclear elements went with a heavy metal weight of 1,000 tons in operation. It has 100 storage locations for Castor containers and an authorized maximum term of 40 years.

24 April 2010 demonstrated a chain of more than 100,000 people between the nuclear power plants Brunsbuttel, Brokdorf and crumbs against nuclear power.

In the fall of 2010, the Bundestag passed a maturity extension of German nuclear power plants by increasing the residual electricity volumes (this would Brokdorf mathematically to 2036 can run ); this term extension was revised after the nuclear disaster at Fukushima in March 2011 (see nuclear phase-out ).

Data of the reactor units

The Brokdorf nuclear power plant has a power block:

An overview of current emission values ​​for the CFT can be found on the sides of the government of Schleswig -Holstein.

The power supply is connected to the 380 kV high voltage level in the network of the transmission system operator TenneT TSO.