Bruno Pelletier

Bruno Pelletier ( born August 7, 1962 in Charlesbourg ) is a Canadian author, composer, musician and actor.

Childhood and personal life

Bruno Pelletier was founded in 1962 and has Italian -Canadian and quebecoise roots. He now lives in a second marriage with dancer Mélanie Bergeron together.

Bruno Pelletier had its beginnings in the 80s. As a drummer, but also as a singer, he has performed with the groups Amanite and Sneak Preview on the bar scene in Montreal.

In 1989 he founded the French-language rock band Pell, took part in competitions and tried by the professional music scene to be felt.

1990 offered him the record label Les Disques Artiste chaired by Paul Lévesque first contracted to.


In 1992 Pelletier's first self-titled album, Bruno Pelletier. In addition, a role in the musical Les fous du rock'n'roll and the Canadian version of the l' opéra rock - La legende de Jimmy by Luc Plamondon and Michel Berger he was offered in the same year.

In 1993, Luc Plamondon him the role of Johnny Rockford in the Paris version of Star Mania dar. He embodied the character of more than 400 times over a period of two years and used his free time to work on his second album.

In 1995, the singer released his second album, but until 1997 it was unsuccessful. In the same year he played a gangster in the TV series Omerta II and released his third album Miserere. It quickly reached with over 250,000 copies sold, topped the charts. The following year, Bruno Pelletier was awarded during the Gala of ADISQ a Felix in the category " Best Male Artist of the Year " and Miserere was usually sold with three Felix for Album of the Year in the category of Pop - Rock Album of the Year in the category and show of the Year award in the category Artist.

1998-1999 intrerpretierte Bruno Pelletier the poet Gringoire in the musical Notre- Dame de Paris by Luc Plamondon and Riccardo Cocciante. The title Le temps des cathédrales reached the top of the charts and made ​​him known in the Francophonie.

1999 appeared Pelletier D' autres rives fourth album, and there have aimed for a Tournée, which allowed him to several prestigious stages of Europe to act, such as Olympia de Paris, La Cigale and Le Bataclan. In addition to expanding his solo career, he played the role of Gringoire in the Canadian and London's version of Notre- Dame de Paris.

2001, the singer released a live album, which was written during his tour to D' autres rives.

In August 2002, Un monde à l' envers appeared and Bruno Pelletier began a tour of two years. In December of the same year he was together with the Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal, a series of concerts at the Notre -Dame Basilica and took on the theme the great Christmas classic album Concert de Noël on.

2004 Bruno Pelletier was the lead role in the musical Dracula Entre l' amour et la mort by Roger Tabra and Simon Leclerc offered, in which he also served as co-producer and artistic director. On 31 January 2006, the piece that was seen by more than 115,000 spectators, was premiered in Montreal.

2007 appeared after Dracula Pelletier Bruno Pelletier et les ninth album GrosZorchestre. It was the Felix best in the category Album of the Year / Jazz Award interpretation.

2009 saw Bruno Pelletier his tenth album Microphonium out.

2010-2011 interpreted the singer in l' opéra Les Filles de Caleb -folk of Michel Rivard, based on the novels of the same name Arlette Cousture, on the side of Luce Dufault, Daniel Boucher and Stéphanie Lapointe priest Napoleon Frigon.



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