Starmania (TV series)

Star Mania was an Austrian TV station ORF produced by the show, which first aired in autumn 2002. Star Mania belongs to the genre of casting shows. Comparable formats that are sold worldwide, Pop Idol and The X Factor in the UK. Presenter of the show was Arabella gravel Bauer. 2010, the format was replaced by heroes of tomorrow.


Star Mania is one of the most successful shows that the ORF has ever aired. In the final final mission of season 6 million Tele Votes were cast. The winner was Michael Tschuggnall before Christina Stürmer, whose career followed, however, proved to be sustainable. Other participants were able to reach high positions in the Austrian charts. In addition, the joint publications of the Star Mania - finalists with several top 10 singles and albums were successful.

The other squadrons were successful, the final broadcast of the second season reached an average of 37 per cent market share, the final mission of the third season of 40 percent. However, there are a total of downward trend in terms of the average number of visionaries. During the first season has seen an average of 910,000 viewers, there were 770,000 in the Second and the Third 712,000. In the fourth season, the interest was comparatively low - sometimes less than 400,000 tracked the shipment.

The ORF sold the concept to Switzerland, where it is successful under the title Music Star since November 2003.

Arabella gravel Bauer was awarded in 2003 together with show - developers Mischa Zickler for Star Mania with the Austrian Television Award Romy.

First Season (2002/2003)

For the first season of 1,700 applications were received. 48 young singers qualified for the program. Out of them 12 were selected for the finals. Michael Tschuggnall won before Christina Stürmer and Boris uranium.

Single releases with all the candidates of the first season:

  • Stars In Your Eyes
  • Tomorrow's Heroes (written by Petra Bonmassar / Martin Frainer / Ina Wolf), published February 2003. The song has set a record, because it was the first Austrian single, which reached gold status in Austria before the actual publication. It reached platinum in Austria.

Second season (2003/2004)

The second season, known as " Star Mania NG - The New Generation" was broadcast in autumn 2003 with lower, but still above average ratings, won the Tyrolean Verena Pötzl. By Christina Stürmer and Michael Tschuggnall Star Mania was so popular that 12,000 applications were received for the ORF.

Single release for all candidates of the second season:

  • Everything and more (written by Martin Frainer / Petra Bonmassar / Ina Wolf, sung by Boris uranium, Michael Tschuggnall and Christina Stürmer ) ( gold disc in Austria )

A few years after the second season was commissioned by the pseudonym Saint Lu under contract Luise Gruber by Warner Music.

Third Season (2006/2007)

The third season began on October 6, 2006. Moderated the show resumed Arabella gravel Bauer. As a " judge " after each Star Maniac presence acted again Hannes Eder.

In this season there were at the beginning of two groups of nine participants (which were selected from 2,500 applications). The first group started on October 6 and sang for three weeks. Each week different one of the candidates by the audience voting. The second group was launched on 27 October and sang again for three weeks. In those six weeks following candidates have been eliminated: Dagmar Rear (resigned on 6 October 2006 ), Tanja Dickbauer (resigned on 13 October 2006), René Hemetsberger (resigned on 20 October 2006), Monika Ivkic (resigned on 27 October 2006), Simone Mörz (resigned on 3 November 2006), Radina Veliova (resigned on 10 November 2006). Natalie Schneider waived because of a kidney infection, on the advice of doctors voluntarily on 31 October 2006 from further participation and was replaced by Lois Zarculea.

After six weeks, so there were two groups with only six candidates. These two groups were merged and there was the final group with twelve participants. From there to the " Starmaniacs " sang for the first place. Each week resigned from two candidates, but one candidate could means " Friendship- Ticket " again be brought into the team. This option, however, ended when only six candidates were left. In the last show on January 26, 2007, then three finalists presented to the voting of the viewers. First, the third place winner was determined, and the two who remained finally sang to the record deal by Universal Music Austria. The winner is Nadine Beiler.

It was a boy band called " different now ", consisting of Thomas Neuwirth, Martin ZERZA John Palmer and Falco De Jong Luneau founded. As a solo artist Nadine Beiler published next Gernot Pachernigg, Mario Lang and Eric Papilaya singles.

On 20 February 2007 it was announced by the ORF that Eric Papilaya Austria's representative at the Song Contest 2007. His contribution was also the official theme of the Life Ball 2007.

Fourth Season (2008/2009)

On 17 October 2008, the fourth Star Mania Season launched under the slogan " The best is yet ." From 2400 candidates 20 candidates were selected for the program at the Austria -wide casting.

The casting jury was next music producer Markus mirror sat in previous seasons on the jury, even from Roman Gregory, the frontman of the Austrian group Alkbottle and Lucy Diakovska, a member of the No Angels. The discussion was again Arabella gravel Bauer. Gregory novel first took over the role of the juror in the live broadcast. The winner receives this time a recording contract with Deutsche Entertainment AG in the sale of Warner Music. In the first three seasons Universal Music was responsible.

In this season there were at the beginning of two groups of ten participants. The first group was launched on October 17. After two programs was changed on 31 October to the second group. Per shipment resigned from two candidates (one man and one woman). Eliminated in the qualification program are Daniel Herzog and Kimberly Reidl (resigned on 7 November 2008 ), Lee Hoffman and Salka Weber (resigned on 24 October 2008), Matthias Ortner and Lia Weller (resigned on 24 October 2008), and Lejla Imamovic and Michael Vogt (resigned on 17 October 2008). After the surprising resignation of Lia Weller in the 2nd transfer the candidate got the same evening a record deal.

Twelve candidates qualified for the final group per shipment divorced two candidates. As in the previous seasons, however, a candidate can be retrieved by the " Friendship- Ticket ". From the broadcast on January 9, 2009, the judge decided Gregory novel about the whereabouts of one of the two candidates who received the fewest votes. In the semi-final show Gregory gave up this opportunity - so it resigned the candidate with the fewest votes from.

In the final mission on 30 January Maria Rerych, Silvia Strasser and Oliver Wimmer competed against each other. This allowed the retired on January 2, Richard Schlögl his song " You raise me up " sing again. In the first decision for a place in the battle for No. 1 Maria Rerych dropped out and thus was ranked third before the final decision, there was a premiere: Roman Gregory sang "Here is a man" his birthday song. At the last decision then was 53.5 % prevail Oliver Wimmer to 46.5 %. He could now call Star of the Year in 2009 and got a record deal.


When attending Star Mania candidates were received and contractual obligations. Thus, any "Star Maniacs ", including the Vorfinalisten, ( performances, interviews, promotional activities ) over a certain period of time to pay out of their revenues in the context of her artistic work an agreed commission to the ORF.

Single chart positions as Star Mania Group