Bugzilla is a free web-based bug tracker, which is a tool to manage error messages (English: bug reports ), and feature requests ( feature request ) in software products. The name is composed of the bow ( the English term for a program error ) and Mozilla. The mascot of the project is Buggie, a thoughtful, alert, awake and somewhat grumpy looking bug.


Bugzilla is a free software written in Perl, which is under the Mozilla Public License and therefore is available for free. It is based on the CGI interface of a Web server; the use is via an HTML interface - Bugzilla works from the user perspective as a web page; Therefore, a Web browser to use is necessary. An English interface is included, language can be added are easy to install. As database system can currently be selected (September 2009) between MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle.

Bugzilla is now capable of running on any operating system for which a Perl distribution, an appropriate web server and a corresponding database system exist.



Bugzilla was originally developed for pure software defect tracking in Netscape in Tcl, the source code had not yet been disclosed. After Netscape had decided to release the source code of the browser Netscape Navigator, also Bugzilla has been released. In the released version, the version number 2.0, it was a port of the Netscape internal, written in TCL version of Perl. She has since been further developed by a group of developers at the Mozilla Foundation. With the May 2007 published, completely revised version 3.0 Unicode support has been integrated.