C86 (album)

C86 ( Cassette 86 ) is a 1986 out matched, influential music sampler of the English magazine " New Musical Express". He defined a new genre, the twee - pop. On C86 bands were published, which were at independent record companies under contract. C86 was the follow-up compilation to C81, which was released on the fifth anniversary of independent sales Rough Trade.

In contrast to the stylistically more versatile C81 to C86 still limited primarily to guitar-driven pop music ( " indie-pop " ), on the sampler itself but in a rather rougher sport than later to hear in typical representatives of the so-called Twee - Pop had.

" C86 " was used in the late 1980s, even as a genre term, where the designation C86 - C86 or band sound was often sufficient as a stylistic classification.

In addition to the bands represented on the compilation in particular the publications of the record companies Postcard Records and Sarah Records were influential.

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